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  • When is a good time to buy my breastfeeding bra?

    The Mammae Soft can be purchased during your pregnancy. It is better to buy the Mammae Classic , Mystery and Plus during the first week after delivery.

    Already from the start of your pregnancy your breasts change in shape. Because of the expansion of the mammary gland tissue they become heavier and fuller. How much your breasts will expand is hard to predict.

    Your breasts expand during pregnancy but can increase as well during breastfeeding. On average this is one cup-size, but every woman is different. Your girth can change as well.

    An underwire bra must really rest on your ribs and not on the breast tissue. Therefore, if you want the correct size, you had better wait until the first week after delivery to purchase the Mammae Classic, Mystery or Plus.

  • My midwife tells me not to buy an underwire breastfeeding bra. Is this true?

    The underwire in the Mammae is specially designed for the feeding breast. We designed this underwire in collaboration with lactation specialists/midwifes. Thanks to its sloped shape the underwire does not impact the milk channels and there is always sufficient space available for the breast to fill with milk. If wearing the correct size, the underwire rests on the ribs and not on the breast tissue. This means that an underwire bra is perfect.


    During the first maternity week, it is better to wear a breastfeeding bra without underwire.

    Between the third and the fifth day after the delivery, you will get engorgement.  Your breasts are very swollen and feel painful. This can make you breasts increase by another cup size. The typical engorgement after the delivery disappears after approximately 48 hours. During these days you should never wear a pinching bra. The Mammae Soft is ideal during the first maternity week. If you are breastfeeding for the first time, then you can uncover the breast fully wearing Mammae Soft, meaning that you can easily ‘learn’ how to breastfeed.

    At night it is best to wear breastfeeding bra without underwire.

    Because you lose milk during the night as well, it is a good idea to wear breast pads. To keep these in place, you need a bra. An underwire bra during the night is a bad idea because (when you lay at your side) the underwire presses on the breast tissue. This can squeeze the mammary channels.

    Therefore, the better choice at night is wearing the Mammae Soft.

  • Do all your bras have underwire?

    No, the Mammae Soft has no underwire. This means that you can wear it perfectly during the pregnancy, the first maternity week or at night. 

  • Do you sell online?

    No, we do not have an online shop. Many points of sale have an online shop as well where you can order the Mammae. You will find them below. Please read the section on ‘the correct size’ first. 



  • How can I wash my bra?

    Mammae Classic and Mammae Plus are underwire bras. It is the best idea not to machine wash your bra. The reason is not that the tissue could not stand it (it is washable up to 30 °C) but the underwire could loosen. This could damage the washing machine. We therefore advise you to hand-wash your bra.

    Thoroughly rinse your bra afterwards, and smooth out the cups. Do not let allow the bra to dry directly close to a heath source.

    Dou you wish to machine wash your bra? Put your bra in a washing bag, choose hand-wash or wool-program and do not overload your machine. It goes without saying that you wash similar colours together.

     Never put items with Velcro together with the bra, this could damage the cups.

     Never put the bras in a tumble dryer. The tissue could shrink, meaning that the underwire no longer fits and could tear through the tissue!

    The Mammae Soft however can be machine washed at 30°C. 

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